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Inmobiliaria Brom is a real estate development, investment and management company founded in 1972, focusing on the high-end residential and office markets of Mexico City.

Torre Optima II®, one of Inmobiliaria’s commercial buildings, with 100’000 square feet of rentable area, 90’500 square feet of offices, and 19’500 square feet of retail space, has been looking to obtain the LEED level Gold Certification in operations and maintenance. LEED is the most widely used ‘green building’ rating system around the world.

The Comfort Loop scheme offered by CYVSA replaced existing chillers with equipment delivering much higher energy efficiency and advanced automation functions, packaged in an attractive financial scheme including long-term maintenance.

In 2022, after a process of several years, the building obtained the LEED certification, joining a highly selected group of multi-tenant office buildings certified to this standard in Mexico. The higher energy efficiency delivered by Comfort Loop played a key role in the LEED level Gold certification of the building Torre Optima II ®; demonstrating the impact of CYVSA efforts in deploying sustainability and climate change mitigation solutions.

After a process of several years, in 2022 Torre Optima II ® obtain the LEED level Gold certification in operations and maintenance for existing buildings. Joining by this way to a very select group of multitenants office buildings that count with this certification in Mexico.
The Comfort Loop scheme offered by CYVSA allowed the chillers of the building to be replaced for new ones. This new equipment represented a much higher energetic efficiency and modern automation functions, all this in a very attractive financial scheme that included long term maintenance.
The energetic efficiencies in consumption given by Comfort Loop with no doubt played a key role in the LEED level Gold certification of Torre Optima II ® and they’re our efforts as a company in favor of sustainability and climate change mitigation.

Country / Region

Mexico City, Mexico


Commercial Real Estate

Retrofit or New


Project Size (Cooling equipment)

500 TR


Air cooled screw chiller system



The need

Inmobiliaria Brom, a real estate development, investment and management company based in Mexico City were looking for solutions to minimize the carbon footprint generated by one of their commercial buildings, Torre Optima II ®. One of the company’s goals was to gain LEED (leadership in energy and environmental design) Level Gold Certification for this 20+ year old building, providing a better experience for tenants while optimizing required investments.

The solution

CYVSA revamped the complete chiller plant installing cutting edge equipment and technology. In addition to the replacement of the existing chillers and pumps, a state-of-the-art automation system and AI-powered monitoring software were installed to optimise energy consumption. Furthermore, by signing a Comfort Loop CaaS agreement, the customer did not have to make any upfront capital investment into the project; they received the solution by paying a monthly fixed fee which includes system operation and maintenance.


The customer has been able to enjoy a hassle-free cooling system, and more importantly a more efficient system, with Comfort Loop providing more than 30% energy savings. The environmental impact of the system was also reduced using a refrigerant with 32% less GWP and 0 ODP. These changes helped enable the building to achieve LEED certification.


CYVSA has developed innovative programs to deliver efficient operation, process optimisation and energy-savings generation. These cutting-edge solutions have been integrated into the Comfort Loop CaaS offering. In collaboration with DAIKIN, we seek to accelerate the transition to low GWP refrigerants to improve the environment.
Torrey Optima® - Chillers overview on our Piloot platform
Torre Óptima® - System overview

The Comfort Loop CaaS contract was signed between Inmobiliaria Brom (the property owner) and CYVSA in September 2020, and fully commissioned by May 2021. It is a 5 year contract structured in such a way that CYVSA provides a holistic service (which includes the system’s implementation, operation, maintenance, and repair), as opposed to a financing model, leasing, or rent-based approach. The Comfort Loop offer is a business model focused on providing convenience to the customer, reducing engagement risks to a strict minimum for the client.

The contract establishes service-level guarantees offered to the customer (such as maximum chilled water flow at a certain temperature), which ensures that the cooling capacity for the building is always met. In exchange, the client pays a fixed monthly fee, avoiding upfront investment, as well as potential operational risks, and possible higher costs during hotter months.

In search of better ways to fighting climate change, Daikin financed in full this project and plans to continue funding this important initiative. Comfort Look is looking to tackle the challenges that HVAC systems represent in an innovative way.

Modular energy simulator (SEM)

Helps determine possible savings by comparing the expected behavior of the current and proposed equipment according to the thermal load.

AI-powered Monitoring & Operating System

Applies artificial intelligence and machine-learning to analyse patterns and possible trends in the equipment’s operation.

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